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What kind of MICE imports receives duty exemption from the Customs Department?

October 17, 2022 | 132 views

Every time there is an international event, many entrepreneurs may worry about imported exhibits requiring several customs clearance procedures. To facilitate this, the government provides a special channel for the import of the MICE exhibits with the criteria as follows:

  • The Customs Department calls this procedure the “Temporary Import for International Events” under Category 3 (F) and (J), Part 4 of the Customs Tariff Decree, B.E. 2530.”
  • Category 3 (f), the “International Exhibition Items” under Category 3 (j), is the “Items for International Competition”.

What kind of imported items are eligible for the MICE exhibition?

  1. Category 3 (F): Items for International Exhibition
  • Imported items to display at a public event.
  • The venue must be public. If it is a department store, it must be separated from the regular sales section.
  • An event must be open to the public for unlimited viewing.
  • The event must be exhibited by many operators with a large number of products.
  • For products temporarily displayed in trade shows, the importer must place insurance against the Customs Department and return it to the origin after the show.
  • Printed materials, advertisements, giveaways, gifts, or other items to be given away on the show, and things that are brought in for display and will not be taken back are entitled to duty and tax.

2.  Category 3 (J): Items for International Competitions

  • Temporarily imported items for an international competition.
  • It is intended for international competitions involving two or more nations.
  • A request for customs formalities must be submitted to the customs authority for inspection.
  • For temporary importation of racing cars or racing motorcycles, please use the form attached to the Customs Declaration No. 220/2561.
  • Items subject to duty exemption must be temporarily used and must be sent back after a certain period (not more than six months from the date of import).

For details, please go to: https://www.thaimiceoss.com/logistics-goods/customs/temporary-international-import/

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