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Thailand welcomes visitors from 63 countries from Nov 1

October 23, 2021 | 159 views

Tomorrow on November 1st Thailand will officially start to admit visitors from select foreign countries without quarantine and the list of eligible nations has just been expanded again to now 63 in total.

Visitors from the 63 countries, described as the first low-risk group, may enter Thailand by air without quarantine, provided they have been fully vaccinated and have evidence of pre-flight negative test results. They must also agree to take another test upon arrival. 

At the same time the Thai government has lifted the alcohol ban in most major tourist areas including Bangkok and the Thailand Pass system that provides the QR code for entry will go live on Monday too.

List of Countries/Territories according to the Notification of the Operation Centre for Measures on the Entry into and Departure from the Kingdom, and Protection of Thai Nationals Abroad dated 30 October B.E.2564 (2021)

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