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Rules for air passengers arriving in Thailand between January 10th and 31st

January 9, 2023 | 483 views

Ministry of public health has revised the recommendations for international passengers as follows:

1. Vaccination is no longer required.

2. Passenger from country that has requirements for RT-PCR TEST might as well have health insurance convering at least USD 10,000 of treatment of COVID-19 for the itineraries in Thailand plus 7 days.

2.1 Those with business arrangement, including flight crew, student, may have a letter from the host or orther form of insurance to cover such need.

2.2 Absense of health insurance is not the reason to deny boarding.

2.3 The quarantine officer will randomly check the proof of insurance of passengers from that country. If not exist, the passenger will have to purchase health insurance before immigration.

2.4 Once Ministry of Public Health has regulation regarding this issue, the airline may process passenger without prove of insurance per the regulation.

3. Holder of Thai passport and transit/transfer passengers are exempted from health insurance check.

4. The airlines must adhere to related regulation and comply with the guidance as appropriate such as asking passenger to wear mask at all time except during meal or emergency situation.

5. Any passenger having symptoms or COVID-19 during travel shall be recommended to test at arrival.

6. Any question may direct to Ministry of Public Health for further clarification https://shorturl-ddc.moph.go.th/FeCG0

Effective from 10 Jan 2023 at 01:00 until 31Jan 2023 at 16.59. (Time in UTC)

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