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Opening the “Customs Data Portal”

May 22, 2023 | 23 views

Shortcut for accessing customs coordinates, import-export statistics, and related information following the Cabinet’s resolution to authorize various government agencies to input data, statistics, situations, or any other information into the eMENSCR system for the purpose of aligning national strategies and reform plans. The Customs Department has therefore developed a state-level open data platform to support the national strategy (Open Data Portal for Monitoring and Evaluating Government Projects under National Strategy). It also serves as a significant data source for logistics in Thailand.

“Customs Data Portal”

The Customs Department has developed an online database system to provide convenience for users, including the general public, private businesses, and government agencies. Everyone can access and benefit from the data at any time. The system offers fast and efficient search capabilities, ensuring access to reliable and high-quality information.

The available datasets for search include:

  • Customs coordinates
  • Import statistics
  • Export statistics
  • The published data is available in a file format that allows for data preview.
  • Data visualization in various graph formats.
  • The published datasets are automatically converted into Application Programming Interface (API) format.

For details, please visit https://catalog.customs.go.th
Source: Customs Department

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