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How to find tariff rates for your products?

June 12, 2022 | 1069 views

Nowadays, importing goods is not as difficult as you think if we know how to calculate the customs tariffs. We, therefore, provide some helpful information for your reference:

What is the HS CODE? (Harmonized System Code)

  • International product classification system.
  • Each code represents the meaning of each type of product.
  • HS CODE is used to indentify the international import/export tax rate.
  • All the products are classified into 21 sections and 97 chapters.

How to read the HS Code?

  • The tariff number has 11 digits.
  • The World Customs Organization (WCO) determines the first six digits.
  • The next two digits represent the ASEAN Customs Tariff (CEPT Code).
  • The last three digits are the statistical codes defined by each country.

How important is the HS Code?

  • HS Code is used to set the inbound/outbound tax rate.
  • Knowing the correct HS CODE will enable you to know the type/category of the product for tax calculations and be able to apply for FTA tax privileges.
  • HS Code is Used to calculate taxes and costs to prevent trade losses.

You can find the interpretation of customs tariffs for each type of good here: http://tariffeservice.customs.go.th/ITRF/

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