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Essential Information for Importing Duty-Exempt Goods for Manufacturing Robots and Automation Systems

March 21, 2023 | 88 views

The Ministry of Finance has released an announcement detailing the list of products exempt from customs duties when imported for manufacturing robots and automation systems. For information on the applicable rules, methods, and conditions for obtaining duty exemption on imported goods used in production, visit https://dl.parliament.go.th/handle/20.500.13072/576221

Related Departments in Sequential Steps:
Committee of the Center of Robotic Excellence(CoRE), Thai-German Institute For entrepreneur registration and certification of qualifications, please visit: www.corethailand.org
1. Electrical and Electronics Institute To apply for approval and certification of import duty exemption, please visit: https://www.thaieei.com/2013/th/contactus01.php
2. Customs Office/ Customs Check Point at The Port or Airport To file a petition seeking approval for principles.

Guidelines and Requirements for Duty Exemption

  • Applicants must be registered and certified for eligibility as an Automation Machinery Builder (AMB) and/or Automation System Integrator (ASI) by the Committee of the Center of Robotics Excellence (CoRE).
  • It is necessary to submit a request for approval of principles prior to importing to the Customs Department (The applicant will be exempted from duties once approved).
  • It is required to manufacture the exempted goods into robots and automation systems according to the CoRE’s authorized project within one year from the date of import. The deadline may be extended twice for up to six months per extension if necessary.

  • Before the first importation, a request for customs duty exemption must be submitted along with complete documentation to the Customs Office/Checkpoint at the port/airport of entry. *Important documents include: Certification of eligibility as a business operator from CoRE and a certification letter for the importation rights from CoRE.
  • To submit an import declaration, notification to CoRE is required so that the “Electrical and Electronics Institute” can provide certification information to the NSW system. To request a duty exemption, indicate “COR” in the privilege box of each item.
  • To request an extension of time, it is necessary to submit a certification letter from CoRE and a request for an extension at least 30 days prior to the deadline.

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