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Customs Brokerage Services and AEO Certification in the MICE Sector

May 11, 2023 | 29 views

The provision of customs clearance and brokerage services is a vital component of the logistics operations of MICE operators. These services facilitate efficient and expedited control of cross-border goods transportation, encompassing import, export, and customs clearance while adhering to all relevant customs regulations.

A “Customs Broker” is an individual authorized by an importer, exporter, transit person, or transshipment requester to carry out electronic customs formalities on their behalf. These may include natural persons or juristic persons.

Qualifications of A Customs Broker

  • Must be a member of an association related to the issuance of goods. 
  • Should have completed a Customs Broker training course certified by the Customs Department. 
  • Must be able to disseminate policies, regulations, and announcements of the Customs Department to clients and provide advice on customs work while promoting knowledge on the subject.

Types of Customs Brokers  

1. General Customs Brokers: Individuals who have applied for a license to become a customs broker with the Customs Department in accordance with the Customs Department Announcement No. 61/2561.

2. Authorized Economic Operator (AEO): A General Customs Broker who has raised the standards for safety in goods transportation and has increased their potential globally. Customs Brokers certified by the Customs Department as AEO can perform customs procedures more conveniently and quickly while receiving more customs privileges.

AEO must adhere to the following security standards: 
• Safety measures for building entry and exit. 
• Ensuring employee safety. 
• Ensuring security for business partners. 
• Implementing measures for product safety. 
• Ensuring safety for cargo vehicles. 
• Maintaining data security and securing the information technology system of the agency. 
• Having an incident investigation and investigation system in place. 
• Implementing a crisis management system and corrective actions.

For additional details and to find the name of a Customs Broker/AEO operator, please visit: https://aeo.customs.go.th/index.php?lang=th&top_menu=menu_homepage

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